Israelinks Alumni Club

Join dozens of fellow alumni who have chosen to help pass on this once in a lifetime gift by becoming a Chai (Life!) club member. By committing to a monthly donation in multiples of Chai (18), you help to ensure the continuity and stability of IsraeLinks.

Chai club members will receive exclusive updates about IsraeLinks’ expansion and development and join a unique and trusted circle of alumni who have experienced IsraeLinks and are dedicated and committed to making it grow and thrive.

Sponsor A Student On Israelinks

The cost of bringing a student on IsraeLinks is more than $3000. This is but a small investment in the future of the Jewish people.

Lives are transformed by the once-in-a-lifetime IsraeLinks experience.

[vc_cta_button call_text="Our goal is to take more than 160 students on IsraeLinks this year." text_align="text_right" title="Donate Now!" target="_blank" color="theme_button" size="btn-large" position="cta_align_right" button_align="button_right" href="" call_desc="Please consider a contribution to support our life-changing programs for the hundreds of students that have, and will, participate in them!"]
Your generous sponsorship will make IsraeLinks a student's reality!