There are certain experiences that change your life. Transform who you are. Introduce you to parts of yourself you never knew before. The Israelinks Women’s Trip is one of those. Give yourself ten days. Ten days of exploring, hiking, connecting and most importantly, delving into who you are, where you come from and where you are going.

You will make friendships that will last a lifetime. You will see Israel through the eyes of an insider, not a tourist. And you will learn how Judaism connects to your life, to what you care about, to who you truly are. Join us for a true game changer. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you decided to create an all girls IsraeLinks trip?

We had mistakenly assumed that college students would never be interested in an all-girls trip. But then requests kept coming in both from students who had done the co-ed IsraeLinks trip and students considering, asking if we would create a program just for girls. Honestly, we were reluctant. Would it work? Would people be interested in joining? Last summer we did our first girls trip and it was a phenomenal success. Without the obvious and inherent dynamics that are part of a co-ed program, this group of extremely different girls immediately bonded and connected. There were no walls. There were no cliques. There was just a feeling of being real and learning to appreciate others in a way that was truly remarkable. While every trip is a huge success in its own way, the all-girl’s trip had something unbelievably special and unique about it.

Are all the participants religious?

The students come from a wide range of backgrounds and observance within every group. The majority have a strong connection to their Chabad on Campus but are not religiously observant though have familiarity with Jewish law and custom from spending time at Shabbat meals and programming on campus. Last year we had students who had never heard of the concept of kosher and students who were Shabbat observant and the incredible part was that everyone gained, grew and learned from one another. There are no expectations of observance on the trip though we do ask for respectful participation based on the activity.

How does the program compare to the co-ed trip?

By nature of an all girl’s trip, there is a heavier focus on delving into women’s issues and addressing topics in learning that pertain to the power and role of the Jewish woman. The true difference though is in the bonding and connection that takes place when a group of girls are together that somehow doesn’t seem to happen in a co-ed setting.

What is leadership?

Leadership is about discovering the potential you have within. While some of you may very well want to work in public leadership roles, we believe that each individual has the ability and responsibility to become a leader in her own community, campus and private life. And the more educated and empowered you are in your Judaism, the more you are able to be a leader amongst your fellow Jewish students and represent the beauty of Judaism to the world at large.

What topics are studied vis a vis Women and leadership?

In addition to classes that are focused on women in Judaism with source material, there are a lot of informal discussions on the unique role of the Jewish woman and how she can be a leader in her community and all areas of her life. The advantage of a girl’s only trip is that it allows for personal and intimate conversations that are less likely to take place in a co-ed environment.

Why should I pick this trip?

In truth, any IsraeLinks trip you pick we are confident that you will absolutely love. But there is something incredibly special and powerful to the bonding, growth and learning that takes place when a group of young women come together in such an environment. If you are already at a co-ed school, and most of your activities are co-ed, give yourself this unique opportunity to be in an all-girl’s trip for what will be one of the most transformative experiences of your life.

I am an ardent feminist. I don't think this is for me...

We can’t think of anyone it could be better geared for! The focus of this trip is the potential, power and leadership of the Jewish woman. Our goal is that every single person on the program, regardless of how they self-identify, feel valuable, comfortable and essential in both the teaching and learning, giving and the receiving that takes place throughout.

Because this trip was women only, we were able to open up, both personally and delve deeper into the women’s perspective of everything that we were doing... The incredible guidance of our teachers and madrichot taught us so much about being Jewish women through their words and their role-modeling.
Olivia Pobiel, Brandeis University
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