• In-depth learning & spectacular touring
  • Walk in your ancestors’ footsteps
  • Study historical events where they occurred
  • Guest lecturers & exciting workshops
  • Recreational activities
  • Nutritious, catered meals
  • Top security
Who, When & Where

Jewish students currently enrolled in a university. Our trip is geared to students with any, or no, background in Jewish education and observance. Click to Apply.

IsraeLinks: December 26th, 2017 – January 7th, 2018
Onward IsraeLinks Summe 2018: Dates TBA


Students need to make their own way to and from Israel. All costs in Israel (food, lodging & trips, minus occasional meals costs on your own) are covered by IsraeLinks. There is a fully refundable $150 deposit to confirm your spot.

Itinerary Highlights

IsraeLinks is unique among Israel trips. While we will be staying in some of the same cities you are familiar with from Birthright, you can expect to visit many unique sites that you have never heard of before. Additionally, in-depth historical and cultural lessons will bring these sites to life in a vivid, unprecedented manner.

Israel's Magical North

Get out your hiking gear and camping equipment and get ready to face Israel's magical north!

Located in the hills of the Galilee overlooking the sea below, Tzfat has long been a center of Jewish mysticism and intrigue. This ancient city is full of stone alleys, rich history, and colorful legends. Experience “the City of Kabbala”. See her picturesque shuls. Meet her famous Mystics. Experience Israel’s beautiful coastal town situated on the banks of Israel’s famous Lake Kinneret.

Hike through the Golan Heights to glimpse Israel’s borders and her neighbors. Listen as it tells the heroic stories of the defenders of the Golan. Rosh Hanikra is in the northwestern corner of Israel, at the Lebanese border. The white chalk cliffs offer a spectacular panoramic view of Haifa Bay, the hills of the Galilee and the Mediterranean. The grottoes were formed by the sea chipping away portions of the soft chalk rock over hundreds of years.

The "Merkaz" (central Israel)


Enjoy the modern, cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv, known as the “Paris of Israel”. Visit a unique agricultural town that also serves as the nerve center for Chabad educational and social activities in Israel.


Experience the incredible energy of Jerusalem!

The Tower of David is Jerusalem’s citadel, an historical and archeological site of world importance. This is a medieval fortress, with later additions. Its towers and ramparts offer splendid views of that part of Jerusalem where Old meets New, and East meets West.

The Hebrew word “hatsofim” and the Greek “scopus” both describe the fact that this mountain “looks over” Jerusalem from its heights. It was here that the Roman legions of Titus camped before capturing Jerusalem, as did the Crusaders in 1099 and the British forces in 1917. The Arab Legion captured this mountain in the War of Liberation but did not succeed in using it as a springboard for conquering Jerusalem.

Encounter a magical Shabbat at the kotel. Enjoy spirited Shabbat services at Judaism’s holiest site, followed by a traditional Shabbat meal at the hotel.

The Jaffa Gate is a stone portal in the historic walls of Jerusalem’s Old City. It is one of 8 gates in Jerusalem’s Old City walls. The Jaffa gate opens to Jaffa Road that leads to Israel’s largest city, Tel Aviv. In ancient times, that road led to the port city of Jaffa, which is now just along the southern edge of Tel Aviv.

Social Action

Give back to our homeland!
Spend time doing social action and community work, reaching out to Israel’s needy

Sample Schedule

Wondering how the day gets filled at IsraeLinks?
Check out this Sample Schedule from one of our previous trips.

You can expect a lot of the same on your IsraeLinks trip, and much more!